Colored Contact Lenses

The only safe way to get colored lenses is by first getting a prescription from an eye doctor. Your eyes are a unique shape and size. One-size-fits-all novelty contacts may not fit your eye correctly, resulting in discomfort and even injury. The wrong size contact can scratch your eye or not rest properly on your eye. Prescription contacts come in various sizes, and your eye doctor will prescribe the right size for you. 

While the practice is widespread, selling contact lenses to anyone without a prescription is illegal in the U.S. You shouldn’t trust a contact lens distributor or retailer who does not abide by the law.

To prevent infections, you should always wash your hands before putting your lenses in or taking them out. Your eye doctor will advise you on what kind of contact solution to use. You should follow the directions as to how long you can wear your contacts at one time.  

Eye Make-Up

Eye make-up is a safer alternative to masks that can obscure your vision. Face make-up that is sold especially for Halloween may contain different ingredients than traditional, everyday make-up. If it’s a brand or type of make-up you haven’t used before, do a test patch before Halloween. Place a small amount of the make-up on your arm to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. When applying costume make-up, you should always keep it away from your eyes.

In addition, care should be taken with false eyelashes. Using too much glue, or applying glue with an unsteady hand, can result in a trip to the emergency room. If you want to wear lashes, considering having a licensed cosmetologist apply them. 

Trick-or-Treat Safely

Halloween shouldn’t end with an eye injury. Follow these tips so you can have a safe, fun Halloween. If you have any questions about Halloween eye safety, especially regarding makeup or contacts, give us a call at (757) 643-8800 or stop by our office!