Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care in Newport News, Virginia

An eye emergency is an event where eyesight is at risk. Events that risk eyesight require prompt treatment to prevent vision loss.

Common emergency eye care:

  • Chemicals in the eye
  • Small objects in the eye or on the eyelid
  • Objects stuck or embedded in the eye
  • Eye cuts, scratches or blows
  • Eyelid cuts

Tips for eye care during an emergency

  • DO NOT press on an injured eye or allow the victim to rub the eye(s).
  • DO NOT remove contact lenses unless rapid swelling is occurring or you cannot get prompt medical help.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove a foreign body that is resting on the cornea or that appears to be embedded in any part of the eye.
  • DO NOT use dry cotton or sharp instruments  on the eye.
  • DO NOT let a burn become contaminated. Avoid breathing or coughing on the burned area.

If you feel that you have an urgent problem that requires immediate attention, you should call your eye doctor immediately. If your eye doctor is not immediately available, you may call 911 or report to an emergency room of your choice.