Healthy Vision Helps Kids Succeed

kids eye careHealthy vision is an important part of the learning process. According to the American Optometric Association, one in four children have a visual impairment. Because children’s eyes change frequently, regular vision exams are important for child’s education. Scheduling a yearly eye exam will ensure that vision impairment will not adversely affect a child’s success in school.

Signs that your child may experience vision impairment include:

  • Loses place while reading
  • Avoids close work
  • Tends to rub eyes
  • Experiences headaches
  • Turns or tilts head
  • Makes frequent reversals when reading or writing
  • Uses finger to maintain place when reading
  • Omits or confuses small words when reading
  • Struggles to complete homework
  • Squints while watching television or while reading
  • Behavioral problems
  • Holds a book or reading material closer than normal.

Studies show that up to 80 percent of what students learn comes from visual skills. If a student is experiencing visual impairment, learning can be difficult.  Some children who are labeled as “problem learners” actually suffer from undiagnosed vision problems. An eye exam by an optometrist can catch warning signs of vision problems and help to maintain your child’s vision.

If you want to ensure your child’s success in school, contact Hampton Roads Eye Associates to schedule an eye exam today.

Comprehensive Eye Care At HREA

comprehensive eye care Hampton RoadsAt Hampton Roads Eye Associates, we love to hear from our patients! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we always love it when our patients take the time to share their experiences with us!

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for you. You are an amazing doctor and you are the only reason that our son is doing so well. We thank God for you all the time are are so happy that he has been in your hands and it’s amazing all you have done for him! We look forward to the future and his eyes improving more and more. We just wanted to thank you and let you know how much we appreciate all you’ve done and will continue to do!” 

“I have been a client at Hampton Roads Eye Associates for 30 years.  About five years ago, I developed cataracts and was wearing contact lenses and relying on strong reader glasses.  When Dr. Kitay suggested laser assisted cataract surgery, I didn’t have any hesitations. I think this is a great procedure and now I can see without visual aids – no contacts or glasses!! My advice if you are living with cataracts – go see Dr. Kitay! He and the entire team at HREA are very friendly and professional. It was a really wonderful experience! Thank you!

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We are proud to offer a variety of eye care services to the Hampton Roads community. Our broad spectrum of eye care, includes everything from vision care (evaluating visual changes and prescribing glasses) to diagnosing and treating eye disease.

Conveniently located in the Oyster Point Area of Newport News, Hampton Roads Eye Associates provides general ophthalmology and eye disease treatment for adult and pediatric patients.

Our comprehensive list of services includes:

What Is Strabismus?

Strabismus Ophthalmologist Hampton Roads Va
At Hampton Roads Eye Associates of Oyster Point, we diagnose and treat conditions of the eye. We provide comprehensive vision exams and monitor vision and eye health throughout your life. We will discuss a condition of the eye known as strabismus.

Strabismus is a condition in which the two eyes do not align and work together properly. This condition may be constant or it may come and go. It may be unilateral, always affecting the same eye, or it may alternate between the two eyes. If you have strabismus, then one eye will look directly at an object, but the other eye is misaligned. It may turn inward (esotropia) or outward (exotropia). There can also be vertical misalignment in which one eye turns upward (hypertropia) or downward (hypotropia).

Statistics indicate that approximately 4% of the U.S. population has strabismus.

Strabismus is frequently diagnosed during a routine eye exam. People with strabismus may experience double vision or blurred vision, headaches or eye strain. You may notice misaligned eyes in yourself or in your child. Exotropia (outward-turning eye), often occurs if a child is tired or daydreaming.

In some cases, strabismus is caused by a problem with the eye muscle. Usually, however, it occurs when the neuromuscular control of the eye movement is not functioning properly. In adults, stroke is the most common cause of strabismus, however, neurological problems and thyroid eye disorders can also lead to the condition. Trauma leading to brain damage, or damage to the nerves or muscles that affect eye movement may cause strabismus.

Treatments include eyeglasses to straighten the eyes, surgery to correct the eye muscles, patching the strong eye. Routine exams, which lead to early diagnosis and treatment help improve the outcome of treatment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (757) 643-8800.