4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes From Computer Screens

4 Tips to Protect Your Eyes From Computer ScreensEvery day, you stare at computer screens, phones, and tablets for who knows how many hours a sitting. That can’t be good for you…right?


Whenever you stare at a computer monitor for extended periods of time, headaches, blurred vision, and dry eyes can all affect you. But you do it for work or for fun–or both! There are a lot of things that demand our attention, which things originate on a computer monitor. Spreadsheets, games, editing projects, cruising Facebook…all these things ensure your eyes are glued to the screen. But what can you do to help ease the strain that may come to your eyes? At Hampton Roads Eye Associates, we have some suggestions.

Check Your Lighting

Having your room’s lights on at 100% may feel right because it’s brighter, but in reality, dimming your lights to about 50% will help relieve strain on your eyes. You don’t have to get a dimmer for your lights, either. Rather, simply remove some bulbs from the ceiling lights. Problem solved.


While staring at a screen, it so happens that people tend to blink less frequently. While this is beneficial if there is a Weeping Angel nearby, not blinking longer than is natural can lead to dry and irritated eyes. Many office settings are also drier than other buildings (as well as outside), so make sure you’re paying attention to your blinking habits throughout the day. If you do work in an office, or you find your eyes are habitually dry regardless of location, consider asking your doctor about artificial tears to use throughout the day.

Avoid Glare

Glaring light from lights and from the windows can make things even more difficult. Close blinds and curtains, dim lights (see above), and if necessary, invest in an anti-glare screen cover for your computer screens.

Take Breaks

It’s recommended that you take a ten-minute break every hour. Of course, your job may be high intensity where ten minutes is difficult to find outside of lunch. If that’s the case, consider taking your eyes off the screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. During those 20 seconds, blink rapidly, focus on some other object that’s not another monitor, and stand up and stretch. These short breaks won’t derail your tasks, and they’ll also help ease your eyes.

Of course, making sure your eyes are healthy and that you’re wearing the right prescription glasses will also help. Visit us online or give us a call at (757) 643-8800 to schedule your appointment today!